About the Editions

Print specifications:

All prints are custom-made to order by Rush Creek Editions of Santa Fe, New Mexico, using high-end digital printers.  The images float as illustrated in each case within self-matting wide white borders on finished paper sizes of 11" x 14" and 16" x 20" suitable for either custom framing or standard stock frame sizes. (Either way, professional-quality framing is highly recommended to ensure the best possible display of these photographs in your home or business.)

Prints of square or round images, such as reproductions of actual album covers or logos, may be attractively framed in the standard sizes at which they are produced and delivered, or trimmed as shown to square or alternate proportions by the purchaser as desired for custom framing without affecting their value as collectibles.

All prints are produced on 100% acid-free heavy archival fine-art cotton-rag paper (except for the Classic Lineup 11” x 14” prints, which are printed on highest-quality enhanced archival matte paper) using archival pigment inks to ensure permanence and a lifetime of enjoyment.

(And while we're here, special thanks to Steve Zeifman of Rush Creek
Editions and Gallery — a great printer, curator and friend!)

Limited editions vs. open editions:

Limited-edition prints are created to a fixed size and quality specification, and certified to be limited in quantity to a certain maximum number of prints made to that size and specification for all time.  This creates an immediately appreciating market for such pieces, since there will only ever be, at most, that maximum number of them in existence.  Accordingly, limited-edition prints generally start at relatively high prices that tend to increase over time as the number of available prints depletes, making all prints in that edition more valuable.  All limited-edition prints are sequentially numbered and signed by the photographer.

On the other hand, open-edition prints are created in unlimited quantities to either a single size and quality specification, or a variety of different sizes and specifications without restriction.  This makes them accessible to more collectors since there is no limitation on the availability of new prints, and also less valuable as rare collectibles over time since their future supply will be unlimited. Open-edition prints therefore generally start at much lower prices than respective limited-edition prints, and represent a much more affordable way to acquire a desired image simply for enjoyment rather than for investment appreciation.  All open-edition prints are signed by the photographer.

A word about pricing:

The pricing of my limited editions, particularly the better known of the Classic Images, is primarily determined by galleries around the country that sell my prints into a market largely composed of mid-to-high-level collectors.  Large-sized photographs are the norm in this environment, so that 16” x 20” prints are generally the minimum desirable size, with successively larger prints accordingly commanding even higher prices.

For obvious reasons, most galleries prefer to deal in larger, limited-edition prints, and in fact would prefer that photographers not make smaller, open editions of their work available at all, for fear of potentially diluting the demand for the higher-priced images.

However, many artists and photographers such as myself, who are passionate about their subject matter, feel strongly about making their images available on a more affordable basis to a far wider distribution of fans and collectors who appreciate their work than would be possible if the pricier and scarcer limited editions were all that were ever going to be available.

As a result, all of the images offered on this site are available in 11” x 14” open editions, and either 16” x 20” open editions or 16” x 20” limited editions, spanning a spectrum of prices from the exceptionally affordable to the high-end collectible. 

In particular, for example, the Classic Lineup prints in the Tower of
Power Gallery
are aggressively priced much lower than Tower of Power's
Classic Images, giving fans a great opportunity to acquire top-quality
first-generation fine-art reproductions of photos of historic band lineups. These photos were in most cases taken strictly as publicity group shots and have only ever been publicly seen as poor fourth- or fifth-generation copies at clubs or in newspapers although they’re nonetheless intrinsically high-quality images.

Fact is, there are Classic Images available here that have sold in different printing formats for more than even the most expensive prints on this site at brick-and-mortar galleries that have higher overhead and pricing.  And at the other end of the scale, you’d be hard-pressed to find high-quality, signed, archival prints of any interesting subject matter (let alone real-deal, back-in-the-day photos that virtually put you right in the picture with some of your all-time-favorite old-school musical artists) that are as affordable as the least expensive Classic Lineups on this site.

I hope you’ll agree that there’s something for pretty much everybody of the funk persuasion on these pages, so come on in and get busy.

Music clip: "Say You Will"; Eddie Henderson/"Comin' Through" (1976)