About the Site

Welcome to the Bruce Steinberg Gallery!

If you’re into the funk-music scene that exploded out of the San Francisco Bay Area in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and would like to experience up-close-and-personal visual images of some of the artists and albums most closely associated with that timeless music, you’ve come to the right place.

As a young photographer and designer coming up in the middle of that scene, I was deeply drawn into it and had the uniquely fortunate opportunity to work early on with musicians who’d go on to become known as some of the most legendary — and funkiest — artists of all time. 

If you were lucky enough to have been there yourself (or have just done your homework since then!), you already know the names - Tower of Power, Sly, Larry Graham, the Pointer Sisters, Azteca, Lydia Pense and Cold Blood, and Linda Tillery and Loading Zone; jazz-based funksters such as Herbie Hancock, The Headhunters, Eddie Henderson and Tony Williams; and soul-vaccinated blues-rockers like Janis Joplin, John Lee Hooker, Sons of Champlin, Papa John Creach, Elvin Bishop, and Michael McDonald and the Doobies.

I photographed a lot more artists, and designed a lot more album covers than are represented on this site — or likely ever will be — but my intention here is simply to break out the funkiest stuff in my archives and share my experiences and the visual history of that scene with fans and players like yourself who’ll especially appreciate it, and give you the opportunity to acquire some of those images for your own collections, enjoyment and inspiration. 

(And while I’m proud that you can find my photos of Janis Joplin all over the world, where else are you going to find original group shots of Tower of Power with both Rufus Miller and Rick Stevens?)

At any rate, my idea is to take this site one step at a time, and gradually grow it as fan response may lead it.  It’s a funk-fan site — your site — and you’ll determine where it ultimately goes.  So please check it out, along with the above links to my other work for additional ideas, and let me know what you think about where it’s at today, and what you’d most like to see added or changed in the future.

I’m starting out with a collection of images specifically related to the one group with whom I’ve worked the closest and longest through the years — those masters and international ambassadors of East Bay soul music, Tower of Power.

The Tower of Power Collection is split into two separate sections:  Classic Images, a selection of some of the most iconic album artwork and related graphics associated with the band, and Classic Lineups, a selection of original group portraits representing all the various band configurations throughout the ‘70s, originally taken as simple publicity group shots but reproduced and made available here for the first time ever as top-quality, archival fine-art prints.

Any hardcore Tower fan will immediately see that there are a few fairly well known images and whole categories of photos that aren’t represented here, but I had to make some initial choices, and in any case, I intend to release additional items as special offers representing both Tower and other artists as time goes on.

Again, it’s your site, so please let me know what else you might like to see or have, and be assured that all comments, suggestions and requests will be appreciatively read and seriously considered.

(And while we're here, special thanks to Steve Finch of Horseshoe Bend Production — a great webmaster, designer, musician and friend!)

That’s about it.  You might take a moment to read through the “About the Editions” link to get a feel for what archival fine-art prints are all about, or just jump right into the mix (if you haven’t done so already…!) by going straight to The Tower of Power Collection and gettin’ busy gettin’ funky, old-school style — knock yourself out!

Thanks for dropping by (and tell a friend…)!


Music clip: "Open Eyes"; Eddie Henderson/"Comin' Through" (1976)