Tower of Power

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Band rehearsal   East Bay Grease logo   Bum Checks Cashed   Ribs and Ripple
Band rehearsal
Berkeley, July 1970
  East Bay Grease hat logo
“East Bay Grease” LP (1970)
  Bum Checks Cashed
"East Bay Grease" LP (1970)
  Ribs and Ripple
“East Bay Grease” LP (1970)
Bump City   Back to Oakland   Urban Renewal   TOP Horn Section logo
Bump City
"Bump City" LP (1972)
  Back to Oakland
“Back to Oakland” LP (1974)
  Urban Renewal
“Urban Renewal” LP (1975)
  TOP Horn Section logo
TOP Horn Section brochure (1975)


horns on stands   Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now   We Came to Play!   Back on the Streets
Horns on stands
TOP Horn Section brochure (1975)
  Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now
"Ain't Nothin Stoppin Us Now" LP (1976)
  We Came to Play!
"We Came to Play!" LP (1978)
  Back on the Streets
“Back on the Streets ” LP (1979)



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Music clip: "Down to the Nightclub"; Tower of Power/"Bump City" (1972)