Tower of Power
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Chenery Street office
San Francisco

11” x 14” signed open-edition (unlimited)*:

16” x 20” signed limited-edition of 100*:


All images are custom-printed to order.

Prices subject to change; limited-edition prices will increase as editions deplete.

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* Images are printed floating as shown to the left within self-matting wide white borders on finished standard paper sizes of 11" x 14" and 16" x 20" suitable for either custom framing or standard stock frame sizes. (Prints of square or round images may be framed in the standard paper sizes at which they are produced and delivered, or trimmed as shown to square or alternate proportions by the purchaser as desired for custom framing.)

Classic Lineup prints are produced using archival pigment inks on either 100% acid-free heavy archival fine-art cotton-rag paper (16" x 20") or highest-quality enhanced archival matte paper (11" x 14") to ensure permanence.